Monday, May 24, 2010

Street Scenes California Style

Quito Palace
What a Great way to paint. I put all my paints and easel outside on my deck in the sunlight. Painting with the natural light and upright on an easel is the best way to paint. You see all the right values immediately. This style uses primary colors by blocking in color loosely with little blending or detail. Balancing the color is challenging and the result is fresh and clean. This painting basically painted itself once I established the layout.

Cobalt Fountain
This Painting has a jewel like quality because it glows. I think the colors are fairly balanced and this is important when painting in this style with bold colors. My friend is a flight attendant and these paintings were painted from his photos. He's a good photographer. You need good composition in all paintings and a good photographer helps for reference. Adding figures is a great way to enhance and personalize a street scene.

Early Morning

Passing Glance
This portrait was painting loosely without thinking of the end result so much. This is the way I paint now very free and just enjoying the fun of painting. The end result is often a surprise. I like to pick transparent glowing colors mainly, and let my color blend on the paper.