Wednesday, January 20, 2010

People and Street Scenes

At The MET

This is a painting close up in the sculpture Garden at the Met. I cropped the photograph I took that day and focused only on the people taking a break. The lead in to the statue allows the eye to enter the painting and go in to the statue creating depth.

Summer in the City

This is a painting of Manhattan I just completed. I photographed everything and this was a street scene with a good arrangement of people. The main colors are blue and black. To get this spot like glow, I painted dark to light and kept everything as a silhouette.
Table by the Window

I'm still working on this and am not sure how much more detail will be added. It's kind of whimsical but I like the effect of the light at the window.

Manhattan - 6th Ave.

I painted this recently all in shades of blue. This painting gave me a feeling of walking with the people and the energy of the city.


This is my daughter in Bethany Beach, Delaware. I painted this after a trip down to the beach. We were biking and looking for good subjects to paint. I photographed Caroline at the Addy Sea Bed and Breakfast on the front porch in a rocking chair. The light was great and this is the result.